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Our Mision


Neksan, making significant investments in the business, and is a leading international commercial transport superstructure equipment and siding will be recognized as a company that produces and markets mechanical systems. They can easily access high-quality products at affordable prices to consumers, while the class in providing the best service, we will establish strong partnerships with customers.

financial potential of non-commercial transport accessories manufacturing industry is high, we will invest in the growth of jobs and gain maturity. Sustainable and stable earnings while; our employees, we will honor our society and the demands of our customers, fulfilling our corporate social responsibility obligations, and the company will operate as a respectful environment.

Being aware of our corporate responsibility, we conduct our business within the framework of the principle of openness and honesty. respect for human rights and create a safe working environment.

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Contact Information

Adress: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3. Cadde No:11 NEVSEHIR / TURKEY
Phone: +90 384 242 90 26 - +90 384 242 90 27
Fax: +90 384 242 90 28