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Privacy and Security

Neksan Mechanical Privacy and Security Policy

 Mechanical Neksan users they transmit personal information via the website, Privacy Policy and outside the scope of the purposes specified, it will not disclose to third parties.

 Personal details include name, address, telephone number, e-mail address is being contained all sorts of other information for user identification, such as briefly referred to as Confidential Information.

Neksan Mechanical, this Privacy Policy and your personal information, except for cases defined in the User Agreement will not disclose to any company or third parties.

 Neksan Mechanical personal information to determine its own customer profile and can be used to make statistical studies and will only be shared with 3rd party in order to make this work.

 Neksan Mechanical personal information private and to keep confidential, to deem it as secrecy, ensuring confidentiality and maintenance of all the confidential information or take any part of entering the public domain or unauthorized use of, or the measures necessary to prevent the disclosure to a third person and due care commitment to show.

Neksan Mechanical has necessary rights for taking  security measures in case site and the system of attack damage to confidential information as a result of or pass to third parties hand, will not have any responsibility.

 Neksan Mechanical has all rights to change privacy policy provisions, any time unilaterally which previuosli  published in

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