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Our quality policy

 Product and effective and efficient methods we apply to production processes, continuous improvement approach and our industry with advanced technology that we use to access the leadership quality; our success in world markets and to make the image permanent.

Customer Focus: Time, competitive products and developing solutions, whether working continuously enhancing customer satisfaction by measuring their results, will win the absolute customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Systematic Management: for the success of our operations "ISO 9001: 2008" We rely on our other legal obligations with reference to international standards assurance.

Our Human Resources: Participants, creative, team spirit and having happy employees, our customers will have sufficient information to all demands, we will develop our continuing education and practical experience and capacity.

Continuous Improvement "and EFFICIENCY SAVINGS" consciousness of time to avoid the cost and waste of resources; ü Our specialist staff and our suppliers, we will ensure continuous improvement and outstanding contribution to the widespread participation.

Environmental Awareness: our natural environment, using the most appropriate materials and technology, we will protect him from the effects of any possible damage.

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Contact Information

Adress: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3. Cadde No:11 NEVSEHIR / TURKEY
Phone: +90 384 242 90 26 - +90 384 242 90 27
Fax: +90 384 242 90 28