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What is Stone Wool ?

Stonewool is an insulation material which contains %98 natural f iber and obtained by transforming the minerals and inorganic volcanic stones into natural fiber by melting them at 1500-1600 ℃.Stonewool performs heat insulation, sound insulation, damp insulation and f ire protection rathereff iciently in all places like roof of the houses, separating walls, outside walls, ovens, steel doors, vessels, electrical house appliances, entertainment places like cinemas and theathers.


  • Bactery and microorganism cannot live inside because of itís inorganic structure.
  • It is an ecological and eco-friendly product produced from natural raw material.
  • Stonewool is a water-repellent insulation material because of itís saturated (satiated) structure. It does not contain moisture because of itís structure with vapour permeability.
  • Using stonewool reduces the needs of fossil fuels. Therefore it alleviates global warming and climate change because the usage of stonewool reduces the carbon dioxide emission.
  • Thanks to itís strong and everlasting structure u to 1000C Stonewool ensures fire protection which is critically important in life. It saves time for fire teams in fire-fighting, lifeseaving and evacuation while it prevents the fire from spreading.
  • Stonewool ensures a comfortable ambience because it performs acoustic insulation against negative external factors like sound, noise, etc.

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